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Keeping your sword sheathed…being at ease with your powerful gifts.

Excalibur-3I had the very pleasant task a few weeks ago of having a meeting with some amazing people.
All of them believed in me and my dream of ending gender-based violence and they were all focused on how to help me.
I have known most of them for most of my life and a few of them not that long, but we all seemed to gel and the conversation was lively and productive.
No one got their feelings hurt or had a hissy fit or stormed out of the room.
It was as great as great could be.
We did not push our agenda; rather we were all looking at the big picture and how to get me to that point with my work.
One of the attendees really stood out.
His voice was soft and caring but packed a punch when he did choose to speak.
He had the unique ability to assimilate information and repurpose it in a calm and peaceful manner.
That being said, he was not afraid to be outspoken and call a “rhetorical” question, when he heard it.
The day after the meeting, I was replaying how the evening went and I realized something.
This person, who stood out, did so because he was extremely comfortable with his intellect. He was NOT afraid to say what he did not understand, to claim what he did and to cast aside want was not important to the conversation.
He never got caught up with the many side issues that were thrown out; rather he called them as unnecessary and brought the players back to the fore.

The way I began to think of his performance was like a warrior not needing to unsheathe his very sharp sword.
Everyone could see the sword, we all knew that he was a slayer of previous dragons and yet, he did not wield it about. Rather, he never even pointed to it. He allowed his calm and quiet to speak louder than the sword we all recognized.
He never made anyone feel like they had to defend their weapons or flash them around.
I was delighted that I got to see such skills in action.

We were all tired by the end of the night and yet, we all kept the respect for each other on our sleeves, in good public view.
Perhaps I can learn to keep my weapons sheathed so that my super powers don’t kill, even when they are only intended to help.

Let’s learn to sheath our swords called:
Smarter than you
Be the center of attention

Let’s unsheathed the swords called:

It simply takes being aware.

Love and light,

Mercenaries of the heart….

Warrior Woman SilhouetteWhat is your weapon of choice? Sarcasm, bitterness, coldness…maybe even anger?  Sometimes it feels like you against the world, right? Oh I know….I wage my own battles.
My favorite shield and swords are stubbornness, detachment and narrow-mindedness.  Yes these weapons keep my feelings, heart and my soul safe.

Hiding in foxholes is part of my warfare, arms at the ready waiting to lunge at my adversary.  I stand guard to protect myself.

Are you a fearless warrior?
Fearless front-linesmen we can be, fighting for the safety of our hearts, the invisible war of words and feelings between foes and ourselves.

And as we pick and choose our battles, in the end we may have escaped fresh wounds of the heart and soul but we are callused with the scars from cuts and abrasions of past skirmishes.

We wear our scars like badges of courage.

We retreat back to our castles, the doors swing down allowing us to cross over the moat we have built to keep others out.
The cold stone walls run high….too high for the marauded invaders to scale.

Here we are safe. Here we can be at peace.  But within our walls do we have comfort?  Do we have warmth?
I ask myself if my castle walls have really turned into prison walls.
Am I now my own prisoner of war?

I am disconnected and isolated.

This world war is over.

And the bigger question now is do I have the courage to take the walls down?
Do I have the courage to drop my weapons of the crusade and walk out in peace?
Like the strength that kept me going in the heat of battle, can I find that strength to reach out and connect with the world around me?
Can I drop decorations of a brave soldier and strip off my chain mail suit and see myself naked in my authenticity, see my genuine needs and honor the needs and feelings now that there are no more dragons to slay?
I don’t know, but I will try.  For if not, I remain behind the walls I have built.

I ask you to look the conflicts you have.
Can you lay down your weapons, walk out from behind the walls around you to step out and stand in your own truth?