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Will YOU vote for YOU?

Ok, so you are sick of the message to vote! I get it!
So am I.
This vote that I am asking you to cast is NOT for a politician…no, not at all.
I am asking you to sit back and think of the last few promises you made to yourself.

For instance, to:
Be healthier
Be less judgmental
Learn something new
Do some in depth self awareness
Be less angry
Stop screaming
Stop hitting
and the list goes on…
What has your track record been when it comes to keeping those promises?
Can YOU be trusted to stick to your OWN agenda?
Your agenda not only benefits you to be stronger in body and spirit but it will shore up all the folks around you who see you holding your course.
It will encourage the younger people in your life to create a healthier agenda for themselves and to follow your lead.

The election for Pres. is over. Whether you are happy or sad, it is now crying over spilled milk.
BUT, the process of you VOTING for YOU, with your every action and breathe STILL CONTINUES.
Please do not pull your energy out of this race. This is the race for your own life, the life you say you want.
VOTE for you to live that life…no one else will!

Love and light