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Life is either an Amazing Race…or it’s not!

Life is either an Amazing Race…or it’s not!
I’m taking a few liberties with the word Race…I really mean an Amazing Journey.
I feel quite guilty for saying this however, because I KNOW that for some in our society, the daily grind leaves precious little time for the concept of amazing.

I recently met a woman who receives some income from disability.  It was just enough to provide shelter over her head but not enough to eat. I mean she had NO money left for food and forget about medicines!

As we walked to the closest McDonalds to get her a hot breakfast, she told me a piece if her story. She had been divorced for 25 years but had always managed to feed and take care of her kids. When they left home she decided to move to Portland because that was her “dream.”

I was absolutely caught off guard by the concept of being hungry in Portland, an actual dream.

No, being hungry was not a part if the initial plan…but to live in Portland was. She loved the scenery and the weather and she loved how free she felt. I think she would say her life has been closer to the amazing end of the spectrum than not.

Each of us has our own definitions of amazing and how that translates in our life. My definition, definitely involves frequent travel and doing good work to help others. It cannot be by accident that I can now travel and work at various women’s organizations.

I also did not stumble upon this formula of travel +good work = my Amazing Journey. I can trace the trajectory of certain decisions that most definitely brought me here. After college, I chose to buy a $99.00 air ticket on People’s Air to fly to London, which really meant that I literally stood in line overnight to get that ticket. Not having any money for hotels, I stayed at camp sites and I ate apples and cheese for almost 2 months. To have a bread basket with soft butter and a glass of cold water would have been akin to a 5 star experience for me.

What I am really saying is this…our choices determine the Amazingness in our lives. I could have stayed at both my minimum wage jobs in NYC and not traveled and that would have given me another point of view as well.

If Amazingness in life is what you are after…look at your daily choices.
Are you in a rut? Do you eat the same food day in and day out?
Do you drive to work the same way every day?
Do you have the same morning routine when you go to work?

What could happen if you choose to ride the bus instead of drive and see how that change affects your day?
What could happen if you invited people in the office to a picnic and you supply the red table cloth and some good fruit and cheese?
What would it look like to take a few dance classes just because you are curious and not try to impress anyone?

Small changes=BIG Amazingness!

Will you give this a try? Life is nothing but a journey, it’s up to you to make it Amazing or not!

Love & light,