How do you SEE yourself?

There is so much research done on people’s self-perception.

Some people, who used to be overweight but have since lost weight, still see themselves as heavy. Some people, who were thin but have since gained weight, still see themselves as skinny. We sometimes see ourselves as better or worse than what we truly are.

We do not do this consciously…we do this at a deep sub-conscious level and we are often times unaware of what we think of ourselves.
I am barely over 5 feet and I am still stunned when I see my reflection in a shop window. I expect to look as tall as I feel.
Similarly I know very tall women who see themselves as short because they hate their height.
Our images have been influenced by all the voices we have ever heard telling us who we are.
We often forget that someone’s impression of who we are is just that…their impression.

It is not a fact. It is JUST their perception.
Can we be BRAVE enough to say, “That’s one opinion, I have many others to pick from”?
Can we be strong enough to NOT believe what others think of us?

“What you think of me is NONE of my business.”
I offer these words to you; take them as your own mantra. They will help you ground yourself when someone’s words are hurtful.

Love and light,