Feeling abandoned and unappreciated at work

Indrani wrote a blog the other day about a saying we hear all too often …. “Same ol’ same ol’, nothing ever changes.” You are most likely saying right now, “Yep, I say this all of the time at work.” So I ask you, “Why are you saying this? Why are you feeling this way?”

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When I ask these questions to the caregivers at women’s shelters, they often share that they feel unappreciated at work, or feel abandoned by their bosses or co-workers. When they share an idea to make a positive change at work, many times they are ignored. If a change IS made, the work environment changes for a short time, then goes back to the same ol’ same ol’ place.

I’ve also discussed this feeling with administrators and supervisors of women’s shelters and organizations. They have tried to make positive changes for their staff, but the staff members don’t seem to appreciate the changes, and respond with skepticism and criticism. Hmmmm, so where do we go from here?

Speaking from experience of working in law enforcement and private investigations for almost 30 years, I completely understand these feelings on both ends. Every day I went to work, the same problems and issues were a constant battle. Someone would make a positive change for a week, and then it would go back to the same ol’ same ol’ way. So when does the responsibility shift onto us? When do I say, “I’m going to change my attitude and be grateful I have a job, and be the positive change.”

If you belong to an organization that you believe needs our help and training, please contact us at info@indranislight.org. We have a training class called the Caregiver Project, in which we educate and train the staff and administrators on how you can make positive changes in your work environment that can be permanent.

Here’s a short video that summarizes our project:

Please check in with us in the comments below about what your work environment is like right now.  Are YOU trying to make a positive change?  Or are you waiting for others to make the change.  Just curious.

Please share this with your co-workers and friends.  We would love your feedback.

Love and Light,

Amy Dier | Director of Education & Training
Indrani’s Light Foundation