Donate the OLD to make space for the NEW

We are all going to be bringing in NEW STUFF into our already crowded lives and homes next week. Here are a few ways to make your used stuff be useful to others.

www.SPORTSGIFT.ORG….. donate old sporting equipment.

www.NIKEREUSEASHOE.COM… old gym shoes( can you say hold your nose?)

www.PROJECTNIGHTNIGHT.ORG… ideas to help homeless children

www.CHRISTINA.ORG… old computers/software.

www.NCADV.ORG… national association against domestic violence… donate old cell phones

www.DONATEMYDRESS.ORG…donate formal dresses

At this time of year, the Women’s Shelters could use some help with basic supplies and your local FOOD BANKS need help also.

Hope this sparks some ideas with you

love and light