Some daily coping strategies

Are you constantly sad?  Have no one to confide in?  No one will listen to you?  Do you cry silently when you think no one can hear you?

Are you staying in your present situation because you feel completely powerless?

Are you staying FOR the KIDS?

Here are some simple steps to help you cope:

1.  When you feel overwhelmed, excuse yourself even if just to the bathroom and take some deep belly breaths.  Stay there for about 5 minutes, keep breathing and allowing yourself this space.

2.  Keep your feet firmly planted in the earth and stay grounded. Know that you are being supported by the earth even if you feel you are falling over a cliff… You are not really falling.  Be steady.

3.  Repeat some positive affirmations to yourself, such as I AM a good personI AM a child of god. Life is teaching me exactly what I need to learn for ME to move into MY right life.