Brighter Life Bit #33: Self-full vs. Selfish

ILF_Wtagline_Logo rgbWelcome to this Brighter Life Bit #33.  For this lesson, you can listen to the original teaching at the 1:18:00 minute mark of the Class 5 recording. You can download the audio from the ILF website here.

Self-full vs. Selfish – Indrani shares a story that will help you understand the difference.  



  • What can you do to restore yourself?
  • Do you believe if you go get a massage instead of your partner, that you are being selfish?
  • Can you really feel “Self-Full” if you ask for what you want, or need?



  • Get up off of your chair or couch, and start marching in place.  It sounds silly, but give yourself a few minutes of exercise and clear your head.
  • Have a conversation with your best friend or partner, and ask them to give you permission to do something for yourself and not have to feel guilty, or selfish.

Take action, and begin to THRIVE, not survive.

Share your experience with us.  What did you add to your calendar? Share your comments below this post.