Take Action to End Domestic Violence

Which action will you take to help Indrani’s Light Foundation end domestic violence:

LEARN – Sign up and listen to the Online Live a Brighter Life Classes

The Online Live a Brighter Life classes give you the tools you need to end the cycle of abuse in your own life (or make sure it never begins). You can sign up for the next set of free classes here: http://indranislight.org/labl-2016/

VOLUNTEER – Become a Indrani’s Light Foundation Trainer

ILF Trainers deliver the Live a Brighter Life curriculum to people in need within their own communities OR work with ILF Team Members to deliver the LABL curriculum across the country. ILF Trainers also provide support to the Caregivers Project, delivering the Live a Brighter Life curriculum to the women and men working in women’s shelters.

For more information on becoming an ILF Trainer send an email to info@indranislight.org

DONATE – Support the Caregivers Project

Indrani’s Light Foundation provides important training to the women and men working on the frontlines of domestic violence. This training gives these caregivers the tools they need to avoid burnout, so they have the energy to continue helping surivivors of domestic violence. Indrani’s Light Foundation provides this training to women’s shelters absolutely free, so every donation you make helps fund a training with a new group of caregivers.

You can donate to the Caregiver Project here: http://indranislight.org/support-the-caregivers/

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ILF wants to move beyond domestic violence AWARENESS and move people to take ACTION to end domestic violence. Use the link below to share this video and help more people add their actions to yours, as we all work towards bringing an end to domestic violence.

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