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Team ILF has completed our most recent training in Philadelphia. Amy Dier, and one of our new Director of Education, Alyce Jurgensen, visited Philadelphia and trained four different shelters.

We need your support for our next training!

We are already in the planning stages to deliver the Live a Brighter Life curriculum to new shelters in Alabama, California, and Illinois. We are starting to raise funds for these trips starting now. To help us with the next Caregiver Project you can use the form below to join Team ILF and donate (or continue reading after the donation form for more details):

Here are some pictures of Amy and Suzanne from a training in Houston:

“Thank you for establishing your organization, rounding up such a good bunch of people, and providing this much needed training to myself and my coworkers. It’s applications will be many, and not limited to the workspace. The information provided will definitely improve my quality of life, for it has not only shed light on some of my own personal issues, but provided many tools to deal with and remedy them. Truly, everyone could benefit from this. Life would be easier for us all if we could enlighten ourselves to the compassion, empathy, and strengths you and yours highlight. Thank you.” – Fort Bend Women’s Center Caregiver

Supporting the Caregivers supports the victims of abuse 

Think of everything you do during the day to support your own family and how challenging being the caregiver can be. Your task list seems endless some days, with minimum time to spend caring for yourself. It can feel overwhelming when all of your to-dos start stacking up, and the end result is often a feeling of exhaustion. Deep love for your family, but still: exhaustion.

fortBendCenterNow, imagine providing that same level of support for abused women, children, and men every day. Spending your time and energy trying to make a difference in the lives of people who have lost everything and are trying to rebuild their lives. Helping them heal their pain and regain their confidence while also supporting them as they take care of their kids, look for a job, and try to rebuild the broken puzzle abuse has created in their lives.

Overwhelming and exhausting.

Which is why Indrani’s Light Foundation wants to provide support to these heroic Caregivers, and give them the mindset and tools they need to keep giving and supporting the residents of their shelter every day, while still having the energy to live their own life and support their family.

The Caregiver Project helps these men and women:

  • deal with the overwhelm and exhaustion that leads to burnout
  • take care of themselves and their families when they leave work
  • continue to show up and support their clients
  • learn new tools they can use to further support the women, children, and men in rebuilding their lives
  • continue to make a huge difference in the lives of their clients for years to come

Your donation will help ILF trainers deliver the Live a Brighter Life Program to even more Caregivers

Indrani’s Light Foundation will be sending our trainers to help these caregivers at no charge. Which is why we need your support to help cover the costs of the workshop.

What does a workshop like this cost to deliver?

Here is how your donation will be spent:


“During this training I was able to learn that it is okay to say “no” and that boundaries are important. I have always been very nurturing to others and often forget to care for myself. I have learned that I matter and that taking care of myself is fundamental! Thank you so much to Amy & Jeremie for teaching us on this training. I know that I can make a change on my life by applying what I learn. This will allow me to be the best I can be at work and of my love ones! Thank you for all you do!” – Fort Bend Women’s Center Caregiver

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We consider every one of our donors to be a valued member of the Indrani’s Light Foundation Team. We couldn’t do this life-changing work without you!

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